Cymatic Sacrament

by Zurvan



In the forgotten places and factory shadows of Akron, Ohio, two Zoroastrian heretics are droningly amassing a sonic mystery cult in an effort to unlock ancient secrets hidden in waves of sound. Zurvan, James Bryan Parks and Ram Youseffi's meditative drone conjuration, follows up a limited CDr debut with Cymatic Sacrament—two side-long explorations of psychedelic ambience through Sunn amplifications and processed vocal mantra. Ethereal voices intersperse with sustained guitar tone, feedback, and subtle electronics in an ultraworldly summoning.
Deeeeeeep drone w/ artwork designed by Ram. A edition of 50, full-length c51 pro-dubbed and imprinted on clear red cassette w/ printed j-card.


released October 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Rubber City Noise Akron, Ohio

Akron, Ohio / Oakland, California
2010 til' ∞


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